Tamale Sponsors Development Challenge for CsIL 


The CsIL project provides libraries to connect .Net applications to JBossMQ, the JMS implementation in JBoss 4.

Please download and try CsIL's XIL2.
A comprehensive design and deployment document is available for the XIL2. You may also communicate with the CsIL team via the csil sourceForge project pages.


CsIL is comprised by:

The Java and C# components communicate via a platform independent wireline protocol. All of the communication is conducted in a three layered protocol:


A key development and design goal for XIL2 was to allow for easy deployment in a stock Jboss4 installation. To use the XIL2, you simply drop the xil2 jar file and xml deployment descriptor into the jboss deployment directory. Similarly, there is a single dll required (csil.dll) to connect a .Net client to the an XIL2 enabled server.


The CsIL project originated as an integration to JBossMQ3. The protocol base then was UIL, which has since been depracated in Jboss. The old CsIL code is still in cvs, but maintenance has been discontinued. The original CsIL pages is also available here.


CsIL is offered under the LGPL which is OSS (Open Source Software) compliant.. Please see the list of thirdparty components, which are covered by their own respective licenses.


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